Bolivar’s Best Greenhouse

Nate got his start working in the greenhouse business when he was 9 years old watering plants. By the age of 12 he was assisting customers doing day to day business, and helping construct greenhouses at other locations. A few years later his mother bought out the greenhouse he worked in. He was responsible for daily operations except ordering products. After three years of business it was closed down, but his love of life and growing continued on.

One year later while a sophomore in college, Heavenly Creations Greenhouse sprung to life. Just like a well tended garden the business has blossomed into a beautiful creation. With hard work and perseverance they have grown into a thriving family operation.

They are blessed with over 22.000 sq ft undercover growing space and 80% of quality products grown on location. Heavenly Creations is a trusted provider all of Southwest Missouri.

Heavenly Creations Greenhouse

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